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Terms & Conditions

Potential Vendors

Consignment structure and compensation

Knight Gallery will accept retail merchandise from vendors to be sold at the price set by the vendor of the product. 


Knight gallery will be responsible for the collection and remittance of all applicable Texas Sales taxes.


Knight Gallery will retain 25% of the sale price as compensation for their services.


Knight Gallery is not responsible for accidental breakage or theft of vendors’ products.


Vendor may remove their products from Knight Gallery upon 24 hours’ notice.  Knight Gallery may require a vendor to remove non-selling items upon 72 hours’ notice by phone, email, or text.


At the choice of the vendor, Knight Gallery will remit to the vendors their 75% of the merchandises’ sales price either weekly or monthly.


Vendor is responsible for the clear labeling of all products with the vendor’s ID, product description, and retail price.




All purchases are final, no returns

Knight Gallery is not responsible for items that are damaged or accidentally damaged once purchased


We accept all major credit cards, cash or check

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